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Follicular Unit Extraction is a surgical procedure where a small dermal punch is used to remove the follicles one by one from the donor area. Unlike FUT (strip surgery) this technique does not leave a linear scar and if performed by a skilled with proper donor management experience scarring is virtually undetectable.


Dr Mwamba has been performing FUE daily since 2001 with over 6.000 successful patient results. By removing each graft with the greatest care and precision and storing them in a special custom made solution we can achieve the same survival rates as traditional FUT surgeries with a minimum invasive technique. The removed grafts are then artfully placed on the hairline and zones affected by alopecia to restore natural density.


Unlike the majority of clinics where nurses or technicians perform the extractions at FUE CLINIC every punch and extraction is manually performed by our surgeons (Dr. Mwamba, Dr. Ali and Dr. Marie) to ensure the grafts are safely removed from the donor area to obtain the highest survival rate. This is a slow and labor intensive process which is typically carried out as a team and often in more than one day but critical to minimize scarring and achieve an homogenous look on both recipient and donor area.


After the grafts have been removed and stored in a custom cold solution Dr Mwamba will proceed to create the inceptions on the recipient area respecting the natural angle and direction of the patient’s native hair. This is a key step of the surgery to achieve a completely natural outcome.


Once the implantation stage has been completed the patient will receive post-operative washing instructions as well as medicine for the following 10 days.


All patients are expected to return the following day for the first post op wash and a session of led therapy to accelerate wound healing.


FUE advantages:


– Fast wound healing without linear scar
– Painless post op
– Virtually invisible scarring if performed correctly
– Extended donor area
– Body and beard hair as a resource

Example 1

“Unshaven FUE (U-FUE), female hairline reconstruction, 1.000 grafts”

Example 2

Hairline reconstruction, 1030 grafts FUE. Dr Mwamba

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