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BHT (Body hair transplantation) is a surgical procedure where a small dermal punch is used to remove the follicles from the beard, neck, chest, arms, nape, back and legs. These grafts provide an extended donor area for FUE transplantation when traditional scalp donors are maxed out or depleted and can be used on the crown and mid section of the scalp where they blend perfectly with traditional scalp grafts.


Dr Mwamba has been practicing BHT since 2006 with great results. Contrarily to popular believe, when performed by a skilled surgeon and stored in the right solution body graft hairs have the same survival rate as traditional scalp follicles. The transplanted graft will retain its original characteristics in length and caliber and it gives a completely natural esthetic outcome when blended with native or FUE follicles.




BHT has been on the rise for the past 20 years to restore density or create a full new beard or mustache. Dr Mwamba has performed hundreds of these procedures successfully. Due to the dense caliber required to achieve a full looking beard only beard and scalp grafts can be use on the recipient area. Grafts are usually taken from the neck and re-distributed to the lacking area. Below is an example of a patient that we grafted at 1.000 BHT to create restoring a full looking beard. Grafts were extracted from the neck and upper cheeks.


Check a BHT result here:

Sometimes patients don’t have facial hair at all and require a full new beard or mustache to be created. In these cases we take grafts from the scalp and implant them on the recipient area. Below is an example of a patient which had no donor and 700 FUE grafts were used to create a new mustache and chin.

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