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Example 1

“Example of 50 BHT grafts into depleted FUE area”

Example 2

“Example of 50 BHT grafts into depleted FUE area”

FIT FARMING is a revolutionary technique pioneer by Dr Mwamba in which body grafts from the beard and chest are utilized are extracted and implanted into the patient’s donor area where FUE extraction has taken place. This process not only allows us to to make FUE scars aesthetically disappear but also allows for the donor area to regain donor capabilities.


BHT grafts are undetectable when blended with the patients remaining native follicles, however, we can still identified them under microscopic augmentation to avoid them being extracted again on future surgeries.


Below is an example of a patient in which we carried out a small 50 BHT graft placement taken from the beard, after 4 months only the area looks homogenous and BHT grafts blend in naturally. This patient wanted to have further surgery but had a depleted donor area. We went on to implant a total of 1.500 grafts (1.000 BHT and 500 nape) to restore his donor area and now is fit for another 1.000 graft surgery.


FIT Farming can also be used to repair Strip Scars in which we graft a first pass at low density to allow blood flow to return to the scar tissue

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