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FUE Clinic is located in both Brussels (Belgium) and Atlanta (USA) where Dr Mwamba himself performs all FUE, BHT and scar repair procedures. With the aid of a highly trained medical staff and 20 years of FUE experience we are able to perform cutting-edge hair restoration and offer the best lines of treatment for our patients.


Grafts are extracted using manual punches that measure less than 0.9 milimeters, minizming scaring, and leaving a homogenous donor area.

Donor Repair

FUT scars and depleted FUE donor areas are repaired using body hair grafts from the beard, chest, arms and legs.


Grafts are extracted from the body to be used on the scalp, beard, eyebrows, scar repairs or donor re-stocking. Manual punches are used and grafts are stored in a custom solution to ensure survival.


There are different types of hair loss, of which most are treatable. We can help you start medical therapy to stop further hair loss.


Dr. Mwamba, Hair Medicine Expert

Dr Mwamba is one the very few leading surgeons in the world that still performs all FUE extractions by hand himself without the aid of technicians or motorized punches.


He began intensely training in 2000 at the New Hair Institute in Atlanta where he perfected his technique while training for 5 years with world renowned surgeons.


In 2006 and after fully mastering manual FUE/BHT and the artistry of hairlines Dr Mwamba decided to open his own clinic in Brussels, Belgium where he and his team have completed more than 2.000 surgeries over the past 15 years. In 2020 due to growing demand a second clinic was opened in Atlanta, US. Dr Mwamba travels between both cities every 2 weeks to perform all surgeries himself.


Dr Mwamba is recognized in the hair transplantation community for his outstanding natural results as well as his kindness, patience and attention to detail.

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