Fue Clinic


Our clinics in Belgium and Brussels are designed for maximum patient comfort, medical efficiency and the highest hygiene standards.

Our surgical rooms include state of the art chairs that allow our patients to relax in a comfortable position, fast WI-FI and a TV loaded with hundreds of movies for your entertainment during your procedure.

For lunch you will be able to choose your meal from a selection of local restaurants. You will then be able to enjoy your meal together with Dr. Mwamba and the FUE CLINIC in our lunch area.


Below you can have a quick look to our facilities and team. We look forward to welcoming you!

Why Patients Choose FUE CLINIC


We guarantee the safety and sterility of medical equipment as well as the non-disclosure of information.

The doctor and the team

Dr. Mwamba holds international certificates and enjoys worldwide recognition.

Remote diagnosis

If you live outside Belgium, you can make a video conference with the doctor to receive a first diagnosis before going to the clinic.

Modern equipment

We use only the most modern medical equipment

Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is developing very rapidly and we can offer our patients the latest approaches and techniques.

A quality follow-up

Hair transplant is a lifetime commitment. Our clinic guarantees you a quality follow-up, so that you keep your hair rich and natural.