Fue Clinic

LipoFin the topical version of oral Finasteride in a Liposomal carrier. It reduces up to 60% of scalp DHT by blocking the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme locally while causing a negligible decline on serum DHT levels therefor reducing the chances of side effects commonly reported on the oral version.


LipoFin also includes natural growth factors in the form of Trichoxidil 2.5% that stimulate the gene expression of KGF, IGF-1 and VEGF growth factors on the scalp resulting in an increase in density by up to 29% at 12 weeks without side effects.


With these combined compounds and safe but effective liposomal delivery our patients report reduced shedding, hair loss stabilization, regrowth and minimal to non-side effects while being able to use this medication every other day or even weekly due to its large half-life.


LipoFin 0.01% and 0.025% is available to our past and future patients and compounded to the highest standards by a European pharmacy which offers fast worldwide shipping.


Each bottle contains 60ml and is stable for 90 days. Use 1ml daily.


For patients which a larger area to cover we recommend the 0.01% concentration in order to apply 2ml.


Store at room temperature away from direct light.

We advise all FUE CLINIC patients to obtain this formulation either from their local pharmacy by special preparation or to buy from reputable sites that require a prescription or previous consultation prepared by regulated and licensed pharmacists with pharma grade medications.