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LipoDut is the strongest and safest topical DHT inhibitor available today.


It reduces up to 90% of scalp DHT by blocking the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme locally while causing a negligible decline on serum DHT levels which significantly reduce the chances of side effects commonly reported on oral Dutasteride and Finasteride. Thanks to this new Liposomal vehicle we have been able to reduce the concentration while improving its absorption and delivery.


Due to having a larger molecular weight (537kda) than finasteride it remains longer in the scalp with only a miniscule fraction of the medication becoming vascularized and going systemic. Our patients report reduced shedding, hair loss stabilization, regrowth and minimal to no side effects while being able to use this medication every other day or even weekly due to its large half-life.


LipoDut is a unique and exclusive custom made Liposomal formula containing Dutasteride 0.05% and growth factors in the form of Trichoxidil that have a synergic effect on follicles preventing further miniaturization and thickening existing ones.


We recommend using 1ml three times a week. This formulation can be used together with CB-03-01 or Dutasteride Mesotherapy as well as Oral and Topical Minoxidil.


We do not recommend it to be used in conjunction with oral Finasteride or oral Dutasteride.


If you would like to obtain a bottle of Lipodut 0.05% solution (60ml, Liposomal) please fill in the form below with your details for evaluation and we will contact you within 24 hours

We advise all FUE CLINIC patients to obtain this formulation either from their local pharmacy by special preparation or to buy from reputable sites that require a prescription or previous consultation prepared by regulated and licensed pharmacists with pharma grade medications. 


To avoid side effects and cross contamination we advise all FUE CLINIC and Dr Mwamba patients to obtain these topical compounds either from your local pharmacy or to purchase them from reputable sites that require either a prescription or a previous consultation and are formulated by a licensed pharmacist with pharma-grade materials.