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CB-03-01 is a new and recently FDA approved anti androgen for acne prescribed off label for hair loss. It works by binding to the scalp androgen receptor without reducing scalp or systemic DHT and does not block the 5 alpha reductase.


Patients report stabilization of hair loss particularly on the hairline and temples. CB-03-01 should be used as a complementary treatment to either finasteride or Dutasteride in oral or topical particularly by patients that are unable to reduce miniaturization or progression of androgenic alopecia with traditional medication.


LIPOCB is available with a previous free email consultation at both 1% and 2.5%

CB-03-01 – 1%

Liposomal Solution



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1ml daily. Topical use only.


2 month supply.

We advise all FUE CLINIC patients to obtain this formulation either from their local pharmacy by special preparation or to buy from reputable sites that require a prescription or previous consultation prepared by regulated and licensed pharmacists with pharma grade medications. POR

To avoid side effects and cross contamination we advise all FUE CLINIC and Dr Mwamba patients to obtain these topical compounds either from your local pharmacy or to purchase them from reputable sites that require either a prescription or a previous consultation and are formulated by a licensed pharmacist with pharma-grade materials.