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Topical Dutasteride is now available from Dr Mwamba’s office to his current and future patients.


Through it’s very long half-life and a molecular weight of 537 KDA topical dutasteride is the perfect alternative for patients who want to reduce their scalp DHT with minimal to none systemic absorption avoiding common side effects.


In order to obtain Topical Dutasteride from our office you must book a free online consultation to assess your case and obtain a prescription. To book an online consultation please fill in the form below.


We offer the following formulations:

  • Topical Dutasteride 0.1%
  • Topical Dutasteride 0.1% with 7% Minoxidil
  • Topical Dutasteride 0.5%
  • Topical Dutasteride 0.5% with 7% Minoxidil.

All bottles are 30ml thus equivalent for a one month supply.