This formula has been specifically compounded and designed for patients to apply Dutasteride mesotherapy at home. It contains Dutasteride 0.01%, Pyridoxine, Biotin and a custom blend of cellular matrix growth factors.


A maximum of 3ml should be used on each application at a 1mm to 2mm depth using a dermapen or dermaroller once a week.


This Dutasteride based treatment is extremely effective in reducing scalp DHT up to 90%. Our patients report reduced shedding, hair loss stabilization, regrowth and minimal to non-side effects as the medication is delivered directly to the hair follicle with long intervals to prevent systemic accumulation.


Each bottle is compounded to the highest standard by a local European pharmacy which offers worldwide shipping and expires after 90 days.


If you would like to obtain a bottle of our Dutasteride Mesotherapy 0.01% solution please fill in the form below with your details and we will contact you within 48 hours.

This medication requires a prescription which is sent directly to the pharmacy and shipped to your home if you are eligible for treatment. 

Clinical studies


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