Fue Clinic

ALPHA is the most complete topical treatment for male androgenic alopecia on the market today.


It contains CB-03-01, a recently FDA approved steroidal antiandrogen which prevents DHT and Testosterone from binding to the follicles androgen receptors, Finasteride at a 0.025% concentration which inhibits up to 70% of scalp DHT with minimal side effects compared to the oral version and Minoxidil 5% all within a Liposomal solution that allows to obtain maximum tissue delivery at minimal doses.


Alpha can be requested with or without Minoxidil 5%.


CB-03-01 – 1%

Finasteride – 0.025%

Minoxidil 5%


Liposomal Solution, 60ml.


Please fill in the form below to obtain a bottle.


1ml daily. Topical use only.


2 month supply.


Not suitable for microneedling.

We advise all FUE CLINIC patients to obtain this and other topical medication either from a local pharmacy or from reputable vendors online that require a prescription or previous consultation. Do not purchase Finasteride, CB-03-01 nor Ketoconazole from non licensed pharmacists.